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How to become a Web, UI, UX, product designer

Becoming a designer (UI/UX/Product)

As a designer, you have the opportunity to work with many industries and organisations. The three main areas of design are

  • Web design
    The web designer is responsible for the look of a website’s pages as well as all the elements that go on those pages, like text styles and page layout. You will need to have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • UI (user interface) design
    User interface designers create how things look on your computer or phone screen – such as icons and buttons. You will need to have a strong understanding of graphical elements and the relevant tools that you will be using.
  • UX (user experience) design
    UX designers focus more on what happens when you use an app or go to a website – such as how easy it is to find what you’re looking for. You will need to have a strong understanding of humancomputer interaction and design principles.
  • Product Design
    Product designers focus more on the value of the design that impacts the business value. You will need to have strong vision and the understanding of how your application will impact business objectives.

To become a successful designer in any of these fields, the best way to achieve your goals is to start building your skillset and portfolio today. There is no onesizefitsall answer, but if you follow these steps you will be well on your way to a successful career in this exciting field.

The Start

There are many paths that one can take to become a web, UI, UX, or product designer but here’s what I recommend.

Firstly, it is important to have a strong foundation in the basics of design, including graphic elements, typography, layout, color theory.
, it is helpful to be proficient in a variety of design software programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, Invision, Framer, Protopie and more.
Finally, it is also important to have knowledge of HTML/CSS/SCSS/LESS and other frontend frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma.

Practice, Practice, Practice

When I started my career, there was no platform to learn a specific design topic. These days there are many tutorials that you can follow in youtube and many other courses in specific area.

However, I recommend to follow this website from the last page until you get bored and until you are confident about the tool that this tutorial tell you. You can practice 1 or more tutorials in a day.

After that you can side by side follow these video to get yourself speed up in learning web design.

Learn about the tools

Learn about the Types and it’s importance.

Learn how to use images.

Learn how to use colours

Learn about the website Layouts

Then follow this to get yourself doing the first homepage design.

Bonus to understand even more.


After all of the above tuts, the very important thing that you need is the Inspirations. Follow these websites here

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