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How to become a Frontend Developer

Becoming Frontend Developer

A frontend developer is a programmer who specializes in building the user interface for web applications or software. This might sound less impressive than a back-end developer but it matters much more because of the user experience. The web contains the code that controls how an application operates and reacts with the server to fetch and update data via API, whereas a backend deals more with databases and hosting them.

And there are different tech stacks that can be used to build an entire front-end which include frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue. However, Before jumping to the framework, I will tell you what to learn step by step.

Step 1

Get to learn about
HTML from W3Schools
Then Jump to learn from Basic to Advance on how to use Bootstrap. Bootstrap is HTML/CSS/JS Framework that provides a solid component-based element that is ready to use in your website or application.

That seems easy. Now, when you have learned all of these you should be able to code a simple static website which you have learned from doing exercises from my design blog here. 

Bonus: Look into TailwindCss Framework which will help you develop a utility-based code. This is interesting because in the long run when you are working with a web application you will mostly use utilities rather than components.

Step 2

Learn any of the following frameworks, Choose to be perfect in only one of following:

React (
– Best for performance and building cross-platform apps. React has React-Native for mobile apps and electron for building desktop apps. It is also one of the popular frameworks used by the majority of big companies like Airbnb.
Angular (  or Vue (
– If you are using laravel or any other PHP framework it is best to use these frameworks since it’s easier to integrate. However, both of them have it’s own pros and cons and doesn’t come with a framework to build a mobile app. Vue JS however has vue-native released for supporting mobile app development.

Step 3

Now that you have learned everything required, it’s time to build some projects. Noone is born talented, you have to sharpen your own skills. Some of the ideas that you can utilize to build the apps are:

  1. Password Manager
  2. Expense Manager
  3. Personal CRM
  4. Stock/Crptyo Portfolio Manager / Tracker
  5. Music Player like Spotify using open api’s
  6. Instagram Clone
  7. Snapchat Clone
  8. Pinterest Clone

And you similar apps.


That’s it, Once you are perfect in all the above-mentioned frameworks. You are ready to nail the interview in the job market and I wish you very best of luck for your future.


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