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Recruiting, Onboarding, Payroll, Training and Managing People has never been easier. Expedo provides this solution.


It was in 2017 November, When I joined Innovent Software, their team was already developing a Web Application for Expedo. The first version of Expedo was using a lame admin template from

After I joined, I convinced our director that we can build a much more beautiful and usable product that will take over the world and we are now 🙂


The Challenge

There are so many HR products in the market yet none of them onboard employees in a sexy way. So When I joined Innovent Software, they were building this HR solution to solve their own problem for their own clients.

I thought we can build something extraordinary that no one has ever built. So I had a long conversation with my director in regards to how we can change the HR industry. There born version 2 of the sexy dashboard.

The wheel kept rolling, we kept on adding new features and moreover new product in the list hence, Recruitment, Payroll, Advisory, Vendor management were later born to meet their elder brother Expedo in the same house where I led the whole Design armies and frontend ninjas in team.

Expedo Suite

“Expedo has delivered completely new way of managing the contractor recruitment journey and exceeded my expectations around time and costs saved for my business”

— Andrew Skyrme
Director, Your Trades

The growth and upgrades

Well, the product was now established and already launched to more than 50+ internal clients. Since we were like a startup under a big company, we already had a bunch of clients who were ready to test and give us feedback.

Based on that feedback we kept the wheel rolling and delivered the solution to the entire pool of recruiters, hr, and payroll companies.

We also now have a mobile app where I worked with the mobile app developer to release the app.

The final outcome

Competitors now envy looking at our product. Clients are so happy with the execution and how we are making HR manager’s, Hiring Manager’s, Payroll Manager’s, Team Manager’s, and lastly all the worker around Australia’s life easier.

The future is yet to come and we are still developing lot more features to make their life easier. With Self service features and automation of the system we will get you there to make your work day life easier and beautiful.


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